Hilltown published
Melange Books has issued Hilltown as an e-book, with print books available. Here's the site: Bill Rogers at Melange

Fishyboner did the cover for it, which is just wonderful. I've told her, and I'm sure she knows it is meant as the highest praise, that the cover she created is nothing I would have ever suggested to her. It's far better than that. Take a look for yourself: Cover

Many of my stories involve furry characters. Hilltown doesn't meet the usual definition of furry, although there are some nonhuman bit players. All the main characters appear to be human.

However, what has always interested me about furry characters is how their minds work. Sure, ears and a fluffy tail are lovely and all of that, but in my opinion the important thing should be how being other than human changes how the characters experience the world and, above all, how it changes how they think. If a written character is just a human in fox ears, and being a fox has no consequences to the story, I feel you should just write them as a human and be done with it. (I don't feel this way about comics, though. In a comic, even if a fox behaves exactly as a human, showing them as a fox gives you a shorthand as to their character- and besides, it's a visual art, so just looking cool counts for a lot. So a furry character who only appears furry without acting furry is acceptable. Not the best, but acceptable.)

In Hilltown, some of the characters appear to be human, but don't have a human perspective. That might make them interesting to furry fans in spite of their bland appearance. Anyway, Maggie Blood is a badass, and if you don't buy the book she appears in it might Annoy her. We wouldn't want that, would we?
Bill on 04/30/12 8:20 pm
Hilltown Publication!
I've been holding back on announcing this until I was convinced it was real. But Melange Books has picked up Hilltown. It will be coming out soon, perhaps in March, if nothing happens to slow it down.

I'm very excited about this.

I don't know how many people know it, but I wrote Hilltown mainly to have something to experiment with in preparation for publishing Flanker. I haven't sent Flanker to Melange yet, but hey, this works out, why not.

And perhaps Flanker just can't be published except by myself, personally. If so this will provide good practice even for that.

I'm working on two other books at the moment, too, so even if Flanker doesn't go I may have other work to submit. Cool!
Bill on 02/08/12 8:28 pm
Bill on 02/08/12 8:22 pm
Language of Emotion podcast coming
The Anthro Dreams Podcast is doing The Language of Emotion, originally scheduled for sometime in February. They're a bit behind so it may be March.

I'm excited to have one of my stories-- and a favorite, to boot-- appearing in podcast form. Please give it a listen when it appears. In the meantime, they already have many good stories. Enjoy!
Bill on 02/08/12 8:22 pm
Price Changes and Revisions
I revised Hilltown a bit, adding calendar dates at the beginning of each chapter. Some readers found it confusing without them. Well, **I** knew what I was thinking. Not that anybody else should have, I guess.

While I was at it, I retired the version with the ISBN. Buying the ISBN turned out to be a bust-- a lot of promises of sales and a lot of money, but no effect.

But by retiring the ISBN I was able to set the price of the hardback book at a more reasonable level. (With ISBN I had to agree to sell for only full retail on Lulu, which no real bookstore has to do.) The price of the paperback is unchanged, and a .pdf download from the Lulu site is still a princely two and a half bucks.
Bill on 11/18/08 9:24 pm